by jxsh & gosuto

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chapter I


released July 17, 2016

chapter I
by jxsh & @gosutosensei
produced entirely by gosuto
vocals by jxsh

art by:
twitter.com/dereplicate www.instagram.com/synched/
twitter.com/dereplicate www.instagram.com/synched/

thank you to all of the artists that helped create the added visual experience to this audio story. I love u all <3
and of course thank you to my best fucking friend gosuto. It was so much fun making this, holy shit. Gosuto one of the greatest artists alive, love u brother <3

also s/o @egomackey <33



tags: <3 pop Ohio


all rights reserved


jxsh Ohio

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Track Name: through u
Dont u try and lie see the look in ur eyes
i wont try and fight try and fight off
is this who u really are alright then

i been sleeping with the enemy for like way to long
she had me hypnotized not this time said i cut her off
now she wanna cry telling lies like its all my fault
take off ur disguise let me see who u really are

you're a monster

I see right through u
u dont scare me at all
i guess that i was right from the beginning said theres something off
now she tryna act all innocent like she did nothing wrong
now she want me back want me bad oh my fucking god :D

i see through u
Track Name: heartless
bury me
lay my body by the ocean
right where we met
for the first time
and your eyes laid across mine
and your smile
and ofc mine


everything that u ever said to me
was it all lie
all the feelings that u said u had for me
i cant see past ur disguise
why did i deserve this
why was it me
what was ur purpose
the way u make me feel
i feel less than worthless
why u do this to me

Track Name: i told u
I thought i told u
Dont play with my heart
dont tear me apart
dont play any games
i dont want to be alone

I thought that i could trust u i thought that i could love u
oh was i so wrong
say how u gonna look me in my eyes talking all that fucking bullshit
so deceitful filled with lies

All the hate and the rage, thats built inside of me, cant u even try to see, my side of the story my side of things, where im coming from, the emotions, so many emotions, built up inside of me, why u do this to me, why did u do this to me

I thought i told u
Girl dont ever break my heart
we'll be together from the start
ur were the love of my life
i will only treat u right

I guess u never needed me
treat my like im useless
so what did u even see in me
tell me bae i think im curious
she only want me for my name
i couldnt say i wanted the same
ik we all have our reasons
but yours are just slightly insane
Track Name: kill me
Last time that i saw youuu
tears roll down your eyes
i know that im the reason why
i never meant for any of this to hurt u ik i hurt u

kill me while u have the chance put a knife into my back i hope i get what i deserve yelling kill me while u have the chance no i dont blame u not at all ik that it was all my fault

Yeah i try and try again
but i always seem to fall
said i been running for hours and i cant find where to go
im just tryna find the light

i need someone
take me away
Track Name: farewell
ik that im not the same
as i once was
she calls my name
it doesn't feel the same no more
why we wont just be straight forward
we can go our separate ways

flying flying floating im dying

i think its time to go
i cant live like this